Change your business for the better

When you start a business, or when you get to a certain point in the growth of your business, you could use a helping hand. Over the past 10 years I’ve had many people help me. I wanted to share some of those things. I had lunch a while back with an architect who shared these books with me. I read The Go Giver and was reminded what my core values were and why I started my company. After being in business 10 years, I lost sight of why I wanted to start my company. My core values have always been to help other businesses succeed. Just finished reading The Go Giver Influencer. This book brought me back to the basics – the philosophy of win/win and helping other achieve their goals. I will be reading The Go Giver Leader next. Cause, we can all be better leaders. What I like about these books is the way they present their ideas….you are carried along a story, adventure, but learn about their ideals. I highly recommend clicking on the links in this blog and getting the books for yourself. If you are open, this message can change how you do business.